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About Me 

Hi, I'm Chris! My Bachelors was in Archaeology, with a focus on ritual and cultic architecture & Iconography in the Early Bronze Age Levant. Initially I focused on Ghassulian cultic material from Megiddo, Ein Gedi & the Jezreel Valley.

Over time, I have moved to study Egypt and am currently pursing a Masters in Egyptology & Middle Eastern Heritage. My research interests are primarily in the Graeco Egyptian Theurgy of Iamblichus, Hermetism & the development of Egyptian religion & philosophy more generally.

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Here are some resources & pages I'm currently interested in when it comes to the study of Western Esotericism.


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The Way of Hermes

The Way of Hermes is a lecture series & course in Late Antique Hermetism. Drawing from the body of Philosophical & Technical Hermetica, we combine practical considerations from the Greek, Demotic & Coptic Magical Papyri with current scholarship to reconstruct a contemporary Hermetic Spirituality.

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Occult Mystery & Magic

Occult Mystery & Magic (OMM) was originally recorded over the span of nearly 3 years with a live cohort of students. It comprises nearly 500+ hours of lectures, seminars on ancient texts, readings & homework that serve as a complete introduction to historical occultism, taking you through elements of practice & study in the Greek Magical Papyri, European Folklore, Renaissance Goetia & Solomonic Magic & Traditional Astrology.

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Translations & Research

My Substack site has archives of my work, research & any translations I might have done. Along with my blog, I like to write about religion, anthropology, folklore & magic from a scholarly and historical perspective. 

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What can you expect from a Class?

Drawing from the tradition of philosophy laid down by Pierre Hadot, I believe that¬†philosophy is a Way of Life, and following the Lithuanian Neoplatonist scholar Algiz¬†UŇĺdavinys, can be a Rite of Rebirth.

In this light, I believe that the core purpose behind esoteric and spiritual education is to re-invigorate life with practices that connect us with a sense of meaning & purpose and allow us to access altered states of knowledge & different ways of engaging the world. It would therefore be incomplete without taking into account:

  • Historical Texts on Magic & Religious Practice
  • Philosophical Contemplation & Justification
  • Folkloric Accounts, Records &¬†References
  • Living Traditions & Ethnography

By combining each of these aspects in a community setting with other students, I've found it creates a very strong foundation for people to cultivate their own practice; one that is rooted in genuine history, archaeology & ancient texts, not simply re-prints of Theosophy or Victorian speculation.

With every class you'll find:

Weekly Lectures

You'll be able to attend a weekly group lecture on the main topic of the week, complete with a reading list & homework.


I rarely draw from one single tradition, but take a cross-cultural or interdisciplinary approach to contextualise practices or ideas. 

A Cohort

You'll be able to interact with other students through chat groups & feeds to keep track of each other's progress or form work groups to practice or study together.

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Our most popular plan

  • Weekly Lectures
  • Translations, Homework & Readings
  • Ritual Guides
  • Community Access & Instructor Assistance
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The Way of Hermes is Live Now 

I'm currently teaching the Way of Hermes until October 2024, and there are still spots available! Join now and get access to all past lectures and material.

Sean Hallahan

Chris has done an extraordinary job!  This course is a massive undertaking, a year in the planning to my recollection. Chris is a great lecturer and a gift to us. Thank you Chris for all that you do.  

Joseph Z

Chris and his understanding of the Occult Philosophy is apparent in his presentation throughout the classes and events I've had the pleasure of witnessing. I feel as though he offers a perspective from experience that not many have found themselves led into and has been called to assist in the guidance.

Genesis Z

Chris is a wonderful teacher! He goes above and beyond with his class.


Chris, thank you for a wonderful class tonight. I’m really gobsmacked to realize that you all feel the same way as I do, I really thought I was alone, thank you!

Aaron Gonzalez

I just want to say thank you so much for that Chris Lyon, it was much needed. I needed someone to talk to who understands what I’m going through in the physical through spiritual fields.  I had guidance So thank you so much Chris, you healed me in ways I have been looking for a long time.

Keith Roland

I have way less apprehension about the term occult. There is still a lot to learn, but I feel my reasoning skills have been sharpened...I have an appreciation of the similarities between cultures and time periods unlike never before.

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